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Safety Precautions For Lithium-Ion Battery

January 30,2024
Safety Precautions For Lithium-Ion Battery



Lithium batteries should be protected from direct exposure to children and pets.

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①Lithium battery is affected by external temperature. In winter, when the temperature is low, the performance of the battery is temporarily deteriorated and the mileage and power output is reduced.

②Lithium battery has a characteristic that discharge performance is reduced by more than 15% when charging /discharging 300 times or more. If usage time is shortened due to long usage, it should be replaced with a genuine one through the nearest point.




① Lithium battery should be used only with genuine battery and charger supplied from the manufacturer. Any problems caused by use of battery not made by the manufacturer, mixed use, or using the charger are not covered by the manufacturer.

②Charging the lithium battery with a non-genuine charger may cause malfunction or fire.

③The lithium battery should be charged in a well-ventilated, dry place and around the charger in a place where there is no inflammable material.

④Lithium battery should be charged at 0-45℃ and discharged within -10-60℃. Charging or discharing at a temperature outside this range may cause malfunction, fire or explosion.

⑤In case of moving from cold outside to warm indoor,please charge it after 1-2hours. This is to prevent condensation from occurring inside the product due to temperature difference.




① Lithium batteries should be kept away from snow, rain and direct sunlight. Do not store or charge them in a trunk or hot room. Select a dry place and store at room temperature (10 ~ 20 °C).

② When storing for more than 3 months, charge the remaining battery level to 70 ~ 80% (do not store full charge).


Trouble Symptom, Safety


①Lithium battery should be discontinued immediately if it is damaged or leakage of battery, sour odor, appearance deformation, etc., and contact the place of purchase to get technical support and service.

②If overheat, smoke or ignition is detected in a product with lithium battery, immediately stop charging and use, move the product outdoors as soon as possible, and then use a fire extinguisher to evolve. Do not spray water or immerse the product in order to evolve, which is more dangerous.

③Lithium battery pack has very high energy density, so if you charge the battery for a long time in case of short-circuit, leakage, bad battery, etc., there is a possibility of ignition. Therefore, you should avoid charging for a long time without a person, and charging must be done while the person is aware that the risk of unexpected fire can be avoided.




If the lithium battery is short-circuited or the polarity is changed, or if the battery is impacted, malfunction or fire may occur. If you think that the battery has been impacted, you should stop charging and using it and visit the nearest point for inspection.


Water Inflow


It should be controlled to prevent water inflow into the lithium battery. There is a risk of fire or electric shock if the charger is connected while moisture is present.




Disconnect the battery from the main unit and prohibit recharging, reinstalling, or using other applications.




Disposal(When disposing of the lithium battery, the battery should be separated from the product at the point of purchase or near the point so that the charge and discharge terminals are not short-circuited. Dispose of it as industrial waste when disposing of it.


Danger !

Battery disassembly prohibited: Battery disassembly,modification and repairment are not covered under warranty.

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