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How To Use An Electric Scooter Safely

January 30,2024
How To Use An Electric  Scooter Safely

(1)Be careful of water!


Shape 7

Don't let the water get into the product and components.              

* Never use it, if the road is wet due to rain, snow or hailstone.        

* lf you wash or spread water to electric devices, it can result in malfunction or fire.                                                                                                           


(2) Beware of folding and spinning parts!


Shape 9 If parts of the body, as a finger or hair, get caught in the spinning or folding parts of the product, this may lead to severe injuries. Please be careful


(3)No acrobatics


Shape 11 Stunts such as jumping and dropping are prohibited as they can cause a great impact on the product and can cause malfunction and accidents.


(4) No companion boarding


Shape 15 This product is designed for one adult only, so children, infants,or two people are prohibited form boarding.                                                                


(5) Don’t tune by yourself


Shape 13 Do not open or turn the electric parts (battery, controller or motor system).                                                                                               


(6) Comply with the related laws


Shape 17 Unlicensed,drunk driving loading cargo on the scooter are prohibited(more than bike or bicycle license is  required) Please comply with the Road Traffic Act and related laws and regulations according to the place of use.


(7) Beginners and juniors are encouraged to use at low speed


Beginners who are not accustomed to use the product,should avoid high speed mode driving and recommend low speed driving.
In addition,please use after practicing how to ride safely in a wide place.


(8) Do not suddenly brake with front brake


Shape 19 If there is a risk of overturning, sudden deceleration should be done safely. Do not apply any unusual behaviors or artificial forces, such as stopping with your feet.


(9) Do not accelerate downhill


Shape 21 Slow down at downhill. When reducing the speed,use the brakes properly to reduce the heat on the disk.                                                                   


(10) Do not drive on steep slopes


Shape 31 Acceptable gradeability is different for each product. Excessive hill    roads exceeding the specification may cause damage to the product(parts) due to temperature cut, over current or low voltage cut, which may cause the product to malfunction.


(11) Safety warning when lifting the product


Shape 35 If the product is Lifted by holding only the handle, there is a possibility that the product may be damaged due to deformation of the folding part due to load or movement of the product. When lifting the product,be sure to hold the product’s body(footrest) with one hand and hold the handle with other hand so that you do not get hurt in your back or knees.


(12) Be sure to wear safety equipment


 61 For the safety of passengers, be sure to wear a full face helmet and the other protective gear(knee, elbow, hand, upper body) and do not wear shoes such as slippers, high hills that interfere with driving.


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