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Required Checking Before Use An Electric Scooter

January 28,2024
Required Checking Before Use An Electric Scooter

Step1: Check throttle and handle

* Operate the accelerator throttle lever about 2 ~ 3 times to check whether it returns to the home position.
* Be careful that excessive throttle Leaning and manipulation of the throttle can cause malfunction due to internal parts damage.
* Check the fastening condition and clearance of the QR lever on the handle.

Step2: Check brake and cable

* The brake braking force is sufficient to check the operating condition. If the braking force is significantly lowered, use it immediately after inspection and action.
* Check that the brake pad is not worn, that the cable is not loose, that the cable is not damaged.
* If there is an unusual feeling or noise during operation, check for breakage, wear and deformation of the inner wire of the brake cable.
* Check that the bolts and nuts of the brake fixing parts are not loose.

Step3:Check tire pressure and uniaxial condition

* Check the front and rear tires for wear and punctures and check the proper air pressure(45 to 50 psi) for the tire. When the shortage of air is shortened, the possibility of puncture increases, so check always.
* It is necessary to judge the replacement time by observing the appearance of the tire such as tire damage,uneven wear.

Step4: Tightening check such as folding part and handle part

Make sure that the bolts and nuts of all parts of the product are tight and free from loosening. Check the fastening condition and clearance of the folding and fixing parts of the handle.

In this case,stop driving immediately.
If you encounter any of the following situations while driving, stop driving immediately and contact your nearest branch or service center for proper measures. If you provide pictures and videos to get accurate diagnosis, professional counseling is available.
* Unusual heating of the motor
* Brake braking status error
* Error messages on the instrument cluster
* When the throttle is returned to its original position
* Abnormal noise if generated
* Product smoke,ignition, sour odor
* When rain or wet with water or in a small situation
* When other driving is judged to be unreasonable.

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