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Ningbo Hiley Technology Co., Ltd.

Like you and everyone else living in urban areas around the world, we have always hated getting stuck in traffic and driving around pointlessly in search of free parking spaces. That's why we instantly fell in love when the first electric scooters graced the urban roads! Like you, we were fascinated by these lightweight micro-mobility vehicles.

Our obsession was turning into mania – and that’s when it hit us. We could totally roll out urban commuters perfectly balanced in all aspects! Because why not? We had just carried out an insanely comprehensive analysis of the market and we were well aware of all the points lacking in products offered by even the industry leaders.

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After analyzing the market,we founded HILEY at 2016, and started making the “perfect” urban e-scooters. We set 3 advantages on our products: high quality,safe structure and attractive design. Our young team of engineers and designers are all driven by the passion to help bring the e-scooter revolution and to be at the forefront of the change!

Since our launch, our capabilities have seen quite an improvement. We have CNC machines to help us develop state-of-the-art new products with high-end finishes. We have a professional and trained QC team to make sure every product that leaves our doors is of highest quality possible. After years effort, HILEY is growing to be first class suppliers of the urban mobility. After success on e-scooters,we started develop new electric mobility devices from 2022, more and more models are coming. We have come a long way ever since our inception - and we don’ t plan to slow down!

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“Quality wise. the Maxspeed x9 does a pretty good job, the frame feels and looks it will last a very long time, and the goal of hiley here is the have a higher quality scooter than other scooters at the same price point. This definitely admirable, as not enough compnies care about quality”


Alien Rides

“We put the hiley x9 against the Hero S8 and Apollo City electric scooter, and Hiley was realy neat. It was the most agile, the quicknest, and won the hill climb challenge as well”


Manfirth Electric

“Hiley X9 была великолепна, намного лучше предыдущей, лучшее качество и дизайн. Это будет еще одна самая продаваемая модель”


Raptor TV Electric scooters


We are counted among the select few manufacturers that help customers pass the German EKFV test. We are not just IS09001 certified, but our products are CE and ROHS compliant as well.



All our products are under patent protect.

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At HILEY, our mission is to make other people as passionate about electric mobility as we are! We combine excitement with the responsibility to the environment. High quality,safe structure and attractive design are three key tenets of our design – and no compromise has been made on one of them! With an adequately powerful motor and long-range battery, our device offer an easy and fun way for every urban commuter to move around with utmost peace of mind, all while leaving no carbon footprint!